O - Vanilla Frosting

O - Vanilla Frosting

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O is a cream-based enhancement product. Women apply to their clitoris, men to their perineum (aka taint🤣).

We as women lose our libido from a lot of different reasons. Change of life, hysterectomy, being a diabetic, anti-depressants & one of the biggest is birth control/HRT.

Our enhancement products are made with triplex tingle. It is a combination of 3 ingredients designed to help you awaken your sex drive.

Take a pea size amount & apply to the clitoral area, you will start to feel a pulsating sensation in that area, almost like a heartbeat.

For Men take a pea size amount & apply to the perineum. This will increase the blood flow & will help him with a stronger, more intense orgasm.

An enhancement product may help the following types of women:

💋Women who are interested in increasing their sexual arousal and experimenting with new forms of pleasure and sensations.
💋Women experiencing sexual arousal issues, such as low libido.
💋Women taking certain prescription medications, such as antidepressants


• A little goes a long way

• Features an exclusive blend of sensory-enriching ingredients

• Designed for more intense lovemaking

• Strong enough for your man to get in on the fun

• 1 fl. oz./30 ml